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Grand Rapids is the nations's Craft Beverage Capital and a Top 20 U.S. Foodie City!

No matter what you’re celebrating, our beer tours are the way to do it! This is the way to create memories that will last forever!

Private Tours

Hop on our Mercedes Sprinter for an all-inclusive, upscale beer tasting experience providing insider access to discover the best breweries in Grand Rapids, MI. Come and experience all that Grand Rapids has to offer when it comes to local craft breweries. Get a taste of the Ultimate Craft Beer Experience!

Get Ready For A Premium Upscale Beer Experience!

Raise A Glass, take a drink, and celebrate! That's what our tours are all about!

Come and experience beer like never before as we take you on a trip around the world through beer, food, and culture! You’ll get VIP behind-the-scene tours of some amazing breweries!

Enjoy a day sampling a variety of amazing beers made in some of the best cities around the country. Since 2019, Raise A Glass Tours has been dedicated to educating guests on the unique histories and processes of some of America’s most popular drinks!

This upscale beer tour experience is designed for beer lovers, foodies and those new to both, but want to learn more. So whether you’re brand new to beer or you’re a beer cicerone, either way, we have something special for you! We have partnered with some of the hottest beer and food venues in the country to create our own unique experience around beer, food and culture for our guest to enjoy!
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Public Tours

Our Public Beer Tours are the perfect way to meet new people and explore our city's forever growing beer scene! This tour offers guests an all-inclusive beer and food pairing experience! Our beer experts will take you around the world through beer, food, and culture!

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Our guests have convinced us - our beer tour experiences make the best gifts for your friends, family, co-workers or that special someone in your life! Our Beer Tour Gift Cards never lose their value, never expire and are fully transferable.

Your favorite beer lover can redeem their gift card right on our website or by phone. Our guest have told us this is the perfect way to share a memorable experience! Our gift cards can be easily redeemed for any of our public or private beer tour experiences.
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