About Us

What is Raise A Glass Beer Tours?

Raise A Glass Beer Tours offers an unforgettable beer and food pairing experience that's designed to give our guests a trip around the world through beer, food, and culture.

This upscale beer tour experience is designed for beer lovers, foodies and those new to both, but want to learn more. So whether you're brand new to beer or you're a Beer Cicerone, we have something special for you! We have partnered with some of the hottest beer and food venues around the country to create our own unique experience around beer, food and culture for our guest. We believe that beer tasting should be a fun, exciting, and also an educational experience that one can have with good company and conversation without it becoming a drunken bar hop excursion.

Raise A Glass Beer Tours is for you if you're looking for something new to do with friends, family, or coworkers. Or maybe it's for a special occasion, bachelor party, a company outing, or you're “out of towners” looking for good beer, food, and fun in a great city! Whatever the occasion, Raise A Glass Beer Tours is here to provide you with a memorable experience and “A Taste of Culture!”

"Our mission is to provide each of our guest with a fun, relaxing, and high-quality beer tasting experience that allows us to share our passion and appreciation for "hops” with beer lovers, foodies, and those new to both, but want to learn more."

Our Story

While enjoying a wine tour with his wife in Traverse City, MI., Kris Mathis asked himself one question: “I wonder if this type of experience exist closer to home?”

A few days later, when Kris arrived back in Grand Rapids, MI. (2 1/2 hours away from Traverse City) he discovered that Grand Rapids, the second largest city in the state, had over 30 amazing wine bars and vineyards in the area, but a tour to them did not exist. He learned that the only way to visit them was to drive yourself to each location which he felt took away from the true wine tasting experience.

As a wine lover and foodie, Kris wanted to share his passion for “good grapes” with others. So he began visiting wine bars, sharing his vision with the owners (and tasting their wine, of course) as he searched for places that he felt embodied the upscale wine tasting experience that he wanted to create for others. From there, he knew it was time to bring a unique wine tour experience a little closer to home and that's when Raise a Glass Wine Tours was born!

We are committed to providing our guests with a fun, relaxing and safe atmosphere as you tour the Greater Grand Rapids area in luxury transportation with us. Our goal is to give our guest a unique experience as we have a Sommelier, Wine Steward, or Chef share a little knowledge of the wine differences (dry to sweet, red to white) and food pairings coupled with the art of wine tasting! Check out our all-inclusive wine tour packages which include all wine tasting fees, gourmet cuisine pairings, and other surprises as you relax and enjoy “A Taste of Culture” with us!